Plastic Bee Hives

By | December 9, 2021

Plastic Bee Hives. Plastic beehive frames & foundations | acorn beekeeping equipment. Quality and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Lavaplastic Recycled Plastic Observation Bee Hive
Lavaplastic Recycled Plastic Observation Bee Hive from

Hence, making this hive ideal for queen rearing. Are you looking for a better way of beekeeping? So when is a plastic bee hive good?

Double Layer Insulation Helps Keeping The Colony Warmer In.

Are you committed to creating the best conditions for your bees to maximise productivity? Not only is the bee box made from plastic, but the super, lid, landing board and stand are too. Is quality and performance important to you?

Each Frame Provides Many Different Benefits And Features Depending On Your Current Beehive Situation.

111k members in the beekeeping community. Acorn beekeeping was started to satisfy the needs of commercial, sideliner and backyard beekeepers worldwide. Not coated but could be dipped.

Plastic Beehive Frames & Foundations | Acorn Beekeeping Equipment.

Once drawn the combs are virtually indestructible, enabling the beekeeper to extract at high speed without fear of the comb breaking up. These hives have been field tested and developed over the last few years and have proved themselves to be very good indeed. The hive design comes from turkey, which is the largest beekeeping country in the world, china being the largest.

The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Hives Plastic Hive Advantages.

Because this material was new to the traditional beehive design, it went through many variations before the final product emerged. The choice between plastic and wooden beehive frames can be tough to make without adequate information. The bee hive is made from recycled hdpe.

Are You Looking For A Better Way Of Beekeeping?

The bee box is assembled as a standard hive or an observation hive using our 16 mm plastic boards, precision cut on our cnc router. Find out more > find out more Technosetbee® plastic bee hives are everything you need for the better bee hive.

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