Plastic Media Blasting

By | May 23, 2022

Plastic Media Blasting. Safe system for the operators. Plastic media blasting is a process for the rapid, economic and safe removal of coatings from almost any surface without the use of toxic chemical strippers, sandblasting, or hand or mechanical abrasion methods.

Urea 1216 Plastic Blast Media Composition Materials Co.
Urea 1216 Plastic Blast Media Composition Materials Co. from

If a contaminate has to be removed, ceramic media is the answer. Plastic media is lightweight abrasive that is typically less aggressive than alternative media materials. Type i polyester, type ii urea, type iii melamine, type v acrylic and type vi clear.

Engineered For High Performance, Pbcm Is Clearly The Leader When It Comes To Productivity And Value.

Emsodur urea, emsodur melamine oder emsodur acryl are used depending on the application. The sharp particles of sand, aluminum oxide, steel grit, and other media abraded the particular surface. Polyblast pbcm is a dry thermoset plastic cleaning media designed specifically for mold cleaning, surface stripping, and surface preparation.

This Type Of Blasting Is Now Commonly Used As A Process To Remove Paint Filler And Body Deadener From Automotive Bodies And Panels Without Harming Delicate Panels.

Incidental corrosion, rust, and old coatings were removed in the process, leaving a good surface for paint. Since it is harder than the coating and softer than the substrate, coatings can be stripped without really damaging the surface. One of the world's most modern plastic media blasting (pmb) facilities with cutting edge technologies that protect the environment and reduce costs.

Plastic Media Blasting Is A Process For The Rapid, Economic And Safe Removal Of Coatings From Almost Any Surface Without The Use Of Toxic Chemical Strippers, Sandblasting, Or Hand Or Mechanical Abrasion Methods.

Although resembling sandblasting, pmb does not use hard abrasives such as silica. This media is used to remove coating and paint on several types of surfaces (aircraft, automotive, electronics, and composites) and has high reusability rates compared to glass and mineral abrasives. Ceramic blasting media often lasts ten to twelve times longer then other abrasives.

Due To Their Softness, And The Special.

Plastic media is commonly used to remove paint from cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, trains, helicopters, components and parts. Plastic sandblasting media is commonly used for paint stripping, coatings removal, pressure blasting, powder coating, deflashing, deburring, surface preparation and mold cleaning. Safe system for the operators.

Because It Lasts So Long And Does Not Break Down, It Is Extremely Cost Effectuve When Waste And Disposal Costs Are Included.

It is commonly known as us type 5 plastic media applications The mohs scale is based off a diamond being a 10 as the hardest and talc as 1, the softest. Using plastic media blasting to remove powder coatings from parts.

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