breeding guide for dragonvale
breeding guide for dragonvale

Dragonvale Breeder’s Guide – How to Breed Your Own Dragons

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【Dragonvale】is an online game where players build villages, raise dragons, and fight monsters. It’s free to play, so you can try it out right now!

Hatchability Breeding Guide for Dragonvale

If you’re looking to breed a dragon with a certain trait, you should first check its hatchability. This is the percentage chance that a baby will hatch when bred with another dragon. You can find this by clicking on the dragon’s name in the breeding screen.

This guide is a supplement to what you will learn once you get access to the breeding tab in Dragonvale. However, it does not offer any guides for the other features of the game.


Breeding dragons is an integral part of the game and might be the only thing you need to be interested in, as farming is not as useful and all it does is lower your potential dragon level.

We need to keep track of how many eggs each breeding, plopped, or hatched after seven days. The waiting period for breeding is just for those three event types to happen in order. If a player has set all three options up in the Dragon Lair, a sense of carefree tension will soon sweep them off their feet as they watch their egg count grow until adventurers come knocking at their door with news that a stop has been found!

This post is the ultimate answer to all your DragonVale breeding questions. Let’s learn how to give birth to dragons and making sure that they grow up as strong and powerful allies on your side!

Is this guide for you? If you want to know everything about breeding new dragons in DragonVale, then these tips are for you. We will cover which dragons we can breed together and what will happen when two different species make babies.

The more we play, the extra taming a dragon of a certain element; the more hearts it brings from breeding with another person. As if that’s not enough, in addition you need all four symbols of the same kind and specific element. But before we dive into some strategies, finding out what works or doesn’t work is key.

Dragons are a highly prized addition to any home in Dragonvale. They can be bred when the player’s dragon reaches an age of 16-24 hours, but it may take longer for certain dragons to get old enough for breeding. Breeding is a triple-step process

Traditionally speaking, people use their fingers to tap on the touch screen aka stylus which you can use in your phone or tablet while fighting enemies, mining gems or building homes. But the new trend that is just starting to enter this gaming world, is using controller. When Nintendo and Sony brought their consoles such as Wii and PS4 out into the world and ultimately overtaken Nintendo by leaps and bounds, this created a large appeal towards what people might call ‘platformers’. This genre consists of players controlling ships or 8-bit protagonists with only two buttons (or sometimes none).

People are also turning back towards retro gamers with big brands as well like Atari even making comebacks and Windows making huge

The following article is packed with basic tips for breeding dragons in Dragonvale. Dragons are strong, magical, flying creatures that can be captured and raised by players in the game!

Dragonvale is an mobile games about raising and training dragons. They inhabit a secluded land called ‘Hollow Heights’ where they have the peace and freedom to live as they please. They have many different habitats at their disposal ranging from a lush green forest to a humid desert- everything they need. But… there is one little problem; dragons need other dragons to fight against in order to level up!

Here’s how you can start breeding your own bunch of mighty beasts:

Firstly, you’ll need 10 cave edges to create a nest used as their home base. Next, equip them with food so that they can survive until enemies are available-they are very vulnerable without food! Next, generate eggs by tapping the “Raise” button each time until it says “Inseminate

a breeding guide is much more complicated than breeding animals in reality..

But it did not take long for people to get the hang of it, within hours they figured out which dragons needed to be given certain plants or minerals – and which lived in proximity of their relatives.

Then you could get started with all the “tap-tap” necessary. Yes, indeed, it takes a lot of patience and foresight, but a dragon keeper need not worry as they are an dragons trainer. They can provide them with everything they need to grow sturdy and healthy as well as skilled warriors in combat.

No matter which dragon game you play, one of the most difficult challenges is actually breeding new dragons.

Unfortunately, a lot of games don’t help you and leave you to figure this out on your own.

This guide will take you through what type of dragons combine together to produce a specific dragon, how many are produced and reveal some special dragon combinations that can give your game a real boost.

Text Analytics would put emphasis on word frequency at the word level we can identify some common painpoints where players are struggling. We can use that information to find ways to prevent players from getting stuck for love or with common reasons for quitting at those points.

Nothing spoiled the magic of this virtual dragon game, but then came the breeding ground. It’s not just about which dragon to toy with any more. It’s also about which dude to make a dragon happen with

This is why we wrote this article as so that you don’t need to feel lost and confused anymore while playing this game. We will show you how to breed dragons in Dragonvale step by step, so that you can get a head start in the game.

Breeding really got designed for Dragonvale generations ago because it was about getting new types of dragons for the player’s land and cataloguing them properly on the app. The process was given some attention, because it turns out that players get obsessed with their new babies !!! The thrill is massive both in terms of gratification as well as adding fuel for fun with animations

In order to be successful at breeding your dragon (rule one: hope for luck!), first use free gems (or ones

The dragon game, developed by Backflip Studios, is one of the most addicting iOS games that is played by over 50 million fans worldwide.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer looking to maximize your breeding skills or a newbie that needs help getting started, welcome to Dragonvale.

This article will take you through basics of dragonvale as well as other important aspects that make the game what it is such as: how to hatch eggs, incubate shells, and train dragons in active battles.

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